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Industrial Visit / Tour in Kollam

Our trainers are exposed to their production conditions, which helps them to acquire their technologies in the skills and experiences that are based on their student's life. Kollam, erst Quilon, Port City, State of South Kerala, Southwest Asian nation. The earliest travelers said it as Elangon, the Arabs as Kaula Lum Mall, and traveler Koilim, a 13th-century Venetian traveler, and later Quilon. Kollam and Punalur have 3 taluks every. within the coastal areas, the dry land and forest areas are the soil, lateral and forest, severally. Kollam town encompasses a long history of political, industrial and cultural significance and is mentioned in several ancient travelers' accounts. Kollam has been the middle of the cashew business since the time of the Portuguese within the sixteenth century. Health care is that the prime priority. The natives of the Dravidian descendants are terribly happy with their heritage, heritage and culture and are primarily non secular. Thiruvananthapuram has its own aerodrome and port that could be a rail terminal and road hub. .