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It is known as palm-facing beach and a network of backwaters. it's delimited on the north by province (formerly Mysore), on the east by province, on the south by the sea. thanks to the past strength of a nuptial, the high social station of ladies in Kerala is noteworthy. Rainforests and monsoon forests (tropical deciduous forests). King cobras (Ophiophagus Hanna) are noted for reptiles, peacocks and horns are common birds. More than the residents of Kerala, together with most Malayalees, follow Hinduism. Islam is the largest Muslim community within the state, with one-quarter of the population active Islam. Agriculture is the main economic activity of the state. the most productive of the trade are sardines, tuna, mackerel, and shrimp. Kerala doesn't have a serious reserve of fossil fuels. it's connected to the states of Tamil Nadu and province on the national highways. The State incorporates a unicameral assembly (Vidhan Sabha). Chief Justice of the supreme court of Ernakulam, Kochi Appeals from the supreme court will attend the Supreme Court. There are several universities in Kerala together with the University of Thiruvananthapuram (1937), Calicut University (1968), Kochi University of Science and Technology. Literature and learning in Tamil and Indic flourished from the second century AD; On the opposite hand, though Malayalam may be a section of Tamil, it's made in Indic and contains plenty of literature. within the initial century, human immigrants arrived, and per Syrian Orthodox Christians, St. By the start of the ordinal century, Ravi Varma Kulasekhara of the dominion of Venad had established a fugacious domination in South Bharat. Their commit to establish sovereignty was defeated by the Zamorin of Calicut. However, by 1806, Cochin, Travancore and therefore the Malabar Coast to the north had become the topic countries of nation Madras Presidency. Two years once India's independence in 1947, domestic fowl and Travancore became a State of Travancore-Cochin.