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Industrial Visit / Tour in Palakkad

Ltd. , Onsight Technologies, Descpro Technologies Pvt. Pattambi Taluk divided by Ottapalam Taluk in 2013. At present Palakkad district consists of two revenue divisions, half-dozen taluks, and 157 revenue villages. District panchayats are the best within the Panchayati rule system. The District council President assists the District Collector in designing and implementing the district's development programs. One of their headquarters was the Palakkad Nambola where today's Palakkad is today. Valluvakonathiri (ruler of Valluvanad), rulers of Venkunadu (Kollengode Rajas) and Shekharivarma Rajas of Palakkady are the foremost necessary rulers of the region once Perumals. Thus the full territory occupied by the Palghat king fell into the hands of Haider Ali and his son yellow jacaranda, the rulers of Mysore. Recently, elements of Karavarakund village in Malappuram district were more to Palakkad.