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Industrial Visit / Tour in Palakkad

Palakkad is the gateway to the state of Palakkad. , Onsight Technologies, Descpro Technologies Pvt. one in every of the key barns in Kerala, this district is principally agricultural. Pattambi Taluk divided by Ottapalam Taluk in 2013. District panchayats are the best within the Panchayati rule system. The district police officer assists the district collector for law and order. One of their headquarters was the Palakkad Nambola where today's Palakkad is today. Later, Hyder Ali conquered all the areas of the Palakkad belonged to Samor. The war between yellow jacaranda and also the East Indies Company finished with the accord of 1872 and every one the property of yellow jacaranda in Malabar was given to the land. While maintaining the Trinithala firka in conjunction with the Ottapalam taluk, the villages of Vadakkekad, Punnoor, and Punnoorkulam were brought below the Chaughat taluk of Trichur district.