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Internship for Students in Thiruvananthapuram

Ltd, Cordoba Group of Companies, Inzynix IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, Zewia Software Solutions (P) Ltd, Rawmax IT Solutions Pvt. it's associate isolated slope close to the Arabian Sea. Paddy and coconut cultivation and coastal fisheries are economically necessary. The city features a history of supporting creation and culture. for dancers, wherever even the pillars are tuned and mirrored into totally different notes! Ananta-Padmanabha could be an immense sculpture that has got to be seen from 3 different doors. within the depository advanced is that the gallery of Raja Ravi Varma's most known paintings. Petty search house owners pay a hefty fine if their customers throw garbage (banana skins) on the streets. Cottages specially designed to catch the simplest surf and sun, this season build it the proper summer resort for vapor bath, yoga, and different health clubs. Doctors practicing this medical school retain the knowledge of their generations. With valuable help from these Dhanvantari (doctor) traditions, an Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia exists today and is marketed with quality medicines in India and abroad. Thiruvananthapuram was a part of the present state of Travancore.