Career Paths That Can Make You A Millionaire


So, you want to be a millionaire. Good plan. Nothing. One billionaire may be difficult. But these days have millions of lizards. It's almost impossible to find them, and there's a possibility that you will be like me too. What's the only difference? They have one million dollars.How do we get a million dollars Of course, there is more than you can save than you do. If you save 20% in 50,000, by the end of the year it's $ 10,000, you save $ 5,000 for $ 5,000. Of course, you must invest wisely.

So this is not the largest number. In a study conducted on PNC Wealth Management, people with assets of $ 5,000,000 have given way to the success of their assets.High salary was not very common. In fact, even the top three fail to pay a high salary. The rich population census was upholding its financial wage to "save at the start and in time." In fact, "earning a lot of money" was the fourth far away. (It's just traditionally bought and married money.)It's easy to earn money when you earn a little more. So let's keep in mind, ten million notice. Once you reach it, it may not be for you or your future. You can expel the stars first.

Actor: Yes, it's a long shot you've forgotten completely. First of all, you have an average annual income of $ 5,000 representing US $ 240,000 in the second, SG, AFTA category in the US, which is less than 100 "stars". (Source: The Documentary ... Who Was in That Thing) But above, Robert Down Jr. has recorded over $ 80 million last year.

Doctor / Surgeon: Is not that wonderful? It is no secret that doctors make decent money. According to a report by the Canadian Institute for Health Information, January 2013, "the average clinical payment in 2010-2011 was more than $ 307,000." Every medical professional we spend here is not going to list.Specialty doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists and dentists all work well. Nevertheless, there is a sector that invests heavily in time and money. You need to repay all students before you get that million.

Investment banker: Bankers make a lot of money, but they work long hours. Usually 80-120 hours a week. A large portion of their wages comes from the bonus part of the indemnification, partly explaining why these people are doing so for so long.The third year analyst is estimated to be around $ 120,000 and $ 350,000. The third associate is 250,000 dollars, 500,000 dollars, vice president $ 350,000, $ 1.5 million, a managing director or partner's loss of 500 million dollars 20 million.

Engineer Manager: According to, an engineering manager is "four responsible areas: supervising engineers, engineering technologists, working in project management, clients, providing advice, acting as a resource." The job is the richest in The Reserve, the highest-paid CNN Money in Canada. The average salary ranges from $ 113,000 to $ 140,000.

Software Developer / Software Architect: The software developer has nominated the world's best jobs, low stress, and high wages. At the top level, these roles give six pictures.CNN Money ranks between $ 119,000 and $ 162,000 in a software architecture. If you do not know the difference between these two tasks, they will not be for you.

Product Management Director: The difference may vary, but how beautiful it is. A product management director supervises the development of products for a company. It employs websites, software, and open products - from strategies to The salary of a product management director in Canada extends from $ 85,496 to $ 158,558.

RISK: Risk handling of past and present information to help protect themselves against business financial losses.According to, the required skills, special accounting, [statistics], statistics, probability; Best analysis, project management, problem solving skills; Good business meaning; Finance, accounting, economics; Powerful computer capabilities, including spreadsheets, statistical analysis programs, database management, and programming languages. Experts can earn up to $ 250,000 a year from $ 150,000 a year.

Corporate Attorney: Not every lawyer is equal to salaries - Advocates of public interest, for example, lower earnings in income levels. There is a growing difference between expected law scholarship and the salary of real lawyers.Corporate advocates are generally behaving in a general way. Pescale calls corporate lawyer Canadian pay $ 51,428 - 208,541 dollars. Getting a job as a lawyer in Canada usually has a graduate degree, a legal degree and a articling position.

Management consultant: If the "consultant" in front of the business, you can also pay the required salary.According to the Canadian Association of Management Consultants, the Canadian Association of Management Consultants helps "manage management and business problems, discover new opportunities, take over, improve changes and make changes". An MBA is a $ 100,000 limit, but this salary will rise to more than $ 800,000 with progress.

So it's a secret: a job that gives you more than you need to live. Start saving and donate to your banking revenue regularly. Some smart inventing does not hurt either. The way to ensure your financial security is beyond your investment - by paying the staff or making it worse.

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