Driving Renovation & Growth In Del Monte: Complete Migration Of AWS Within Four Months


A quick and uninterrupted migration to AWS (Amazon Web Services) has laid the basis for a new growth for Del Monte.About 100 years of history and annual sales of $ 1.7 billion, Dell Monte has the best of both US fruits, vegetables, tomatoes and broth packets. However, in recent years, the growth rate is slow. In response, a new business development strategy was developed.The company knew that it needed to be consistently required to meet operational efficiency to achieve goals. Doing this will help Del Monte not only raise customer expectations but also support its growth forecasts and provide financial assistance.

Cloud conversion

Del Monte has replaced its IT infrastructure - their main SAP ERP has decided to migrate to public clouds.Cloud Migration offers clear opportunities to improve improved game saving and minimizing faster costs from handling hundreds of different apps, including complex SAP workloads, servers, systems, new advanced solutions, upgrades, etc. The cost of the company should be even better.

After choosing AWS as their preferred public cloud, Delmon turned to Accenture and helped to maximize cloud business profiles and increase efficiency in the distribution network.Our expertise in cloud solutions supported by SAP for more than 40 years has been collaborated with Enterprise SAP Journey to Cloud. Accenture's offering was simplified, accelerating the motion of SAL apps of Dell Mon to the cloud.

Need for speed

The work was done very quickly with Dell Monde. Packaged restaurants work within a short time; A detailed plan is to get the right balance between harvesting and reaching. After all, when you take time to convert technology that you support, you can not ask for new food to wait.

Business impact

Performance has also been improved. Disabled everything is completely deleted. Automatic right sings are capable of measuring the activities and activities they need. The time to get new computing technology / basic facilities has been reduced to Weekly for months. This means that Del Monte will be able to set up new solutions with unusual speed for its customers.

One important thing to know: This immigration is much higher than a "lift and shift" operation. It can not find the whole value of switching to the cloud.Using innovative technologies from new AI and IOT technologies, it provides automated and actively promoting business insights on a fast track. This is the best way to take advantage of the complex workload of SAP like in AWS. How to Travel With The Dell to AWS is an example of the Enterprise Cloud Transformation, which is an innovative firm foundation for business value and growth to boost enter professionalism.

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