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Industrial Visit / Tour in Angamaly

Angamaly is a municipality in the northern part of Kochi, Kerala, India. this is often particularly relevant to the idea that the region was practiced within the ground. Mary's College was the primary school that opened in 1919. The megacycle per the second road that starts from Thiruvananthapuram ends at Angamaly with NH47. Elephant coaching center is legendary for its elephant training center settled at a distance of twenty-five metric linear unit from angamaly. Mahagani Gardens could be a stunning picnic spot on the banks of the watercourse Periyar, that is around twenty-seven metric linear unit away. The city of Angamali is thirty-three kilometre from Ernakulam district of Kerala. better-known for its proximity to the most town of Kochi, Angamaly could be a quickly growing city that is growing day by day and is anticipated to become one in every of the most centers of Kerala at intervals a couple of years. .