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The modern city is called Kannur town. The Taliparamba-Kannur-Thalassery space is crammed with rock-cut caves, dolmens, burial stones and menhirs, a memorial burial order. Kannur was then the capital of the Kolathiri Rajas, the World Health Organization had trade with Arabian Peninsula and Persia within the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. On Apr thirteen, 1930, K. Angelo was in-built 1505 by Dome Francisco DE Almeida, the primary Portuguese Viceroy of the Asian country. Lakkadiv ocean is found at a distance of concerning three klicks from the city of Kannur. The Dutch sold-out the fort to the Arakkal royalty in 1772. In the 17th century, Kannur was the capital of the only Muslim Sultanate in India, known as Arakkal. Society places nice importance on education and also the college in Kerala is de facto the nucleus of the social model.