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Cyberoid (is a online live training division of Nestsoft Technology) provide course in WordPress is designed from a beginner's point of view, to provide a step-by-step guide to go live with your WordPress website. This is not only the conceptual framework of a WordPress-based system, but also the practical aspects of building a modern website or blog. This is definitely "How to Lead in WordPress" and after this course you will be able to build your own business or your own professional websites. You will start with WordPress building blocks and installations and follow the content management theory. You will learn later the main building blocks of the WordPress admin panel. The next unit will teach you about posts, pages and forums. Plugin Management is the next unit that teaches you to add interesting galleries and videos to your website or blog. You can also learn about SEO and meta tags. The last unit is about themes that will make your site look professional and give you the design you want. You will also learn to create your own themes.


  • Importance of WordPress and its new features
  • Create, maintain and manage your own website or blog
  • How to add audio, video or images to a website
  • Customization of pages that moderate site comments
  • Widgets create and share content across different platforms and make money online


Section 1 : Overview

  • Introduction of different web technologies
  • What is WordPress?
  • How WordPress works
  • Summary

Section 2 : Sets up and installs WordPress

  • Installation of the server
  • WordPress Installation
  • My SQL installation
  • Summary

Section 3 : HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • Basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Summary

Section 4 : WordPress

  • Introduction to Blogging
  • First steps with WordPress
  • WordPress Semantics - Learn terminology
  • New to WordPress - Where to start
  • Using images
  • The text wraps around the pictures
  • Comments on WordPress
  • Finding WordPress Help
  • Post formats
  • Linking to Posts, Pages, and Categories
  • Using smilies
  • Link Manager
  • WordPress feeds
  • Customizing feeds
  • How to use Gravatars in WordPress
  • Writing code in your posts
  • Using password protection

Section 5 : Designing

  • Developing a color scheme
  • Designing headings
  • CSS horizontal menus
  • Dynamic Menu Highlighting
  • Good navigation links
  • Next and previous links
  • Styling for printing
  • Designing Your Post Meta Data Section
  • Separating your post meta data into categories
  • Customizing read more
  • Formatting date and time
  • Styling lists with CSS
  • Designing headings
  • Playing with fonts
  • Using images
  • Interesting character entities
  • A comprehensive list of design articles
  • Adding a favicon

Section 6 : Theme development

  • WordPress CSS Information and Technologies
  • Finding Your CSS Styles
  • Creating Personal Pages
  • Uploading files
  • WordPress Blog Design and Layout
  • Uses WordPress themes
  • Custom Post Types
  • Step into templates
  • The template steps into the tags
  • Template hierarchy
  • WordPress Loop
  • Loop in action
  • Anatomy of a template tag
  • Theme functions file explained

Section 7 : Website Development

  • Validating a website
  • Know your sources
  • WordPress homework
  • WordPress Site Maintenance
  • Multiple blogs migrate to WordPress 3.0 multisite
  • Meta tags in WordPress
  • Search Engine Optimization for WordPress
  • Accessibility

Section 8 : My SQL

  • Database, Data Types, DML, DDL, Data Time Functions, Stored Procedure, Sub-query
  • MySQL Introduction
  • MySQL Connect
  • MySQL Create
  • MySQL Insert
  • MySQL Select
  • MySQL Where
  • MySQL Order By
  • MySQL update
  • MySQL Delete

Section 9 : Ajax (Asynchronous Javascript and XML)

  • About Ajax
  • Ajax is set up and implemented
  • PHP, Ajax
  • Introduction to Ajax
  • Ajax PHP
  • Ajax Database
  • Ajax XML
  • Ajax live search
  • Ajax RSS Reader
  • Ajax Poll
  • Summary

Section 10 : FTP Management

  • FTP understands
  • Setting Up the FTP Server (Live)
  • Uploading and Downloading FTP Content
  • Summary

Section 11 : Sending emails

  • Designing an email panel
  • How to send an email to different users
  • Sending automatic emails
  • Summary

Section 12 : Deployment

  • Deploying the application on the web server
  • Implement the Word Press site
  • Project application troubleshooting after implementation
  • Summary

Training Fees / Duration (Rs. 2,500/- Onwards)

  • Internship for BTech, MTech, MCA, BCA, Bsc, B.Com, M.Com, MBA Students
  • Duration: 1 Week to 6 Months
  • Internship Training on real projects
  • Training / Internship by Experienced Professionals
  • Online / Live / Direct Classes

Eligibility For WordPress Training

  • Plus two/Degree/Diploma/Professional
  • Passion on programming languages
  • Basic programming knowledge such as html, bootstrap

Attend a free trial class to understand the syllabus along with the skills and experience of our experts. We have 200+ experts ready to give individual (one to one) training at your convenience.

Attend a Free Trial Class

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Vijayalakshmy E V

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Location: Chalakudy

Qualification: Diploma in commercial practice

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Location: Delhi

Qualification: B.A Hindi Honrs

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Neema Aswal

Mobile: +91 91884 77559

Location: Uttar Pradesh

Qualification: BCA

HTML CSS Bootstrp Wordpress React Tailwind 4 year experience  more..

Harsh Jain

Mobile: +91 89210 61945

Location: Rajasthan

Qualification: B.Tech CSE with specialization in Cyber Security

I am writing to express my strong interest in the Information Security Analyst - I  more..

vrushali vaidya

Mobile: +91 91884 77559

Location: pune

Qualification: MCA

bootstrap html css3 wordpress  more..

Jangam saikiran

Mobile: +91 91884 77559

Location: Tirupati

Qualification: Btech

I had around 5 years experience as a system engineer Troubleshoot computer hardware networking Installation  more..

Neha Patwardhan

Mobile: +91 98474 90866

Location: Maharashtra

Qualification: Masters in education management

This is an application for the Academic Advisor position in your esteemed organisation I would  more..

Sunitha Katta

Mobile: +91 8301010866

Location: Hyderabad

Qualification: B. Tech

Search Engine Optimization Wordpress   more..

Rekha Mahesh Raut

Mobile: +91 8301010866

Location: Maharashtra

Qualification: B com

Experience July 2017 -March 2023 in Shraddha Infosystems Tally Authorised Institute Head of the Tally  more..

Aswini s

Mobile: +91 85477 93334

Location: Kerala

Qualification: MSc BEd

I have been working as an IELTS trainer in a reputed training institute in kochi  more..

Arjun K Santhosh

Mobile: +91 9895490866

Location: Kottayam

Qualification: BSc computer science

skilled on python django html css sql i have a 6 month experience on python  more..

Dr Ketaki

Mobile: +91 91884 77559

Location: Tamil Nadu

Qualification: BHMS, M.D

Dear Hiring Committee I am writing to express my sincere interest to serve as a  more..

Lata Johny Jacob

Mobile: +91 91884 77559

Location: Maharashtra

Qualification: BA, PG TEFL, PGDPPTT

Lesson planning Communication Classroom management Teaching training 18+ years of teaching Presently online tutoring since  more..


Mobile: +91 89210 61945

Location: Tamil Nadu

Qualification: MCA

Wordpress (2 months) React Js-Hobby project Data Visualization-Hobby project Data Cleaning-Infosys online internship  more..

Dr Kavita Mahendra Shah

Mobile: +91 8301010866

Location: Maharashtra

Qualification: BHMS. PGDHA, MBA HCS

Clinical Operations Medical Services Teaching Training new residents induction Patient Delight I have lot of  more..