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Cyberoid (is a online live training division of Nestsoft Technology) provides comprehensive online live training on building and implementing service-oriented architecture using Java Enterprise Edition (JEE). As part of the online live training, you will work on basic and advanced concepts in Java, including Java Array, Java Database Connectivity, Java Servlets, Exception Handling, and XML Management.

Java is one of the most commonly used programming languages ​​for developing applications. Cyberoid Java Certification Training is curated by professionals in line with industry needs and expectations, and provides placement assistance to certificate holders at the end of the course. This online live training incorporates a comprehensive knowledge of the basic and innovative concepts of Core Java and J2EE, which will make you familiar with real-time projects. In this course, you will specialize in Java Array, OOP concepts, Java Loops, Functions, Java Collections, Java Thread, Web Services and Java Servlet using real-time industry cases.


  • An in-depth study of the OOP concept
  • Java programming with classes and objects
  • Works with XML files
  • Communicates with the database via JDBC
  • Java conditions, data types, loops
  • Service-oriented architecture with web service
  • Compatible with Java certification


Chapter 1: Introduction to Java Programming

  • Java Virtual Machine
  • Variables and data types
  • Conditional and looping constructs
  • Array

Chapter 2: Object oriented programming with Java classes and objects

  • Fields and methods
  • Manufacturers
  • Methods of overloading
  • Waste collection
  • Nested classes

Chapter 3: Inheritance

  • Invalid methods
  • Polymorphism
  • Finalizing methods and classes
  • Abstract classes and methods
  • Interfaces

Chapter 4: Exception handling using try-throw-catch-finally constructs

  • Exception class

Chapter 5: Object class

  • Cloning objects
  • JDK Linked List class
  • Strings
  • String transitions

Chapter 6: Working with types: wrapper classes

  • The numeric interface

Chapter 7: Packages

  • Package Access
  • Documentation Comments

Chapter 8: Applets

  • Configures the applets
  • Applet capabilities and controls

Chapter 9: Fundamentals of AWT and Swing

  • Layout Layout Managers
  • Event Management
  • Action Listener Interface
  • Panels
  • Classes for various controls, such as label, choice, list, checkbox, etc.
  • Dialogues and frames
  • Using menus
  • Using adapter classes
  • Graphics

Chapter 10: Threads

  • Synchronization

Chapter 11: I / O package

  • InputStream and putInputStream classes
  • Reader and Writer classes

Chapter 12: Basic concepts of networking

  • Works with URLs
  • Concepts of URLs
  • Sockets

Chapter 13: Database Connectivity with JDBC

  • Java Security

Training Fees / Duration

  • Rs. 2,500/- Onward (Duration: 1 Week onward)
    Internship for BTech, MTech, MCA, BCA, Bsc Students
  • Rs. 25,000/- (Duration: 120 Hrs, upto 3 Months)
    Internship Training on real projects
  • Rs. 40,000/- (Duration: 200 Hrs)
    Internship Training on real projects

Eligibility For Java Training

  • Plus two/Degree/Diploma/Professional
  • Passion on programming languages
  • Basic programming knowledge such as html, bootstrap

Attend a free trial class to understand the syllabus along with the skills and experience of our experts. We have 200+ experts ready to give individual (one to one) training at your convenience.

Attend a Free Trial Class

List of Experts / Trainers Available in Angamaly


Mobile: +91 91884 77559

Location: Telangana

Qualification: Btech

Java MySQL HTML CSS JavaScript JDBC SDLC DSA Hibernate   more..

Meet Prajapati

Mobile: +91 91884 77559

Location: Gujarat

Qualification: B. Tech Graduate

Made some challenging projects during my training for DevOps Engineer as Docker-Jenkins Integration Load-Balancer system  more..

Ankush Ahale

Mobile: +91 73060 64840

Location: Maharashtra

Qualification: Graduation from pune uni

I have 2 3 years of experience in software testing and 1 yeae in automation  more..

Priti Singh

Mobile: +91 9895490866

Location: Delhi

Qualification: MTech

Web development c++ java python html css JS react django  more..


Mobile: +91 91884 77559

Location: Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Qualification: B. Tech

I want to improve my skills with your organization I familiar with c java python  more..


Mobile: +91 73060 64840

Location: Angamaly

Qualification: Btech

Fresher Completed software testing training from Rogersoft technologies Kakkkand Skills: Manual testing Automation SQL Core  more..

Ashlesha kulkarni

Mobile: +91 98474 90866

Location: Madhya Pradesh

Qualification: MSC cs

Python Java c++ os data structure sql |   more..

Remya S Raj

Mobile: +91 91884 77559

Location: Kerala

Qualification: Btech

Java selenium automation testing Manual Testing maven jira 2 year of experience in software development  more..

Kudurupaka Yatheesh

Mobile: +91 98474 90866

Location: Andhra Pradesh

Qualification: Degree

Fresher manual Automation Selenium good in SQL basic knowledge java |   more..

Lalita Deshpande

Mobile: +91 98474 90866

Location: Maharashtra

Qualification: MSc computer

Manual testing API testing SDLC STLC Automation testing along with the Selenium with Java |  more..

Jay Kumar Ray

Mobile: +91 98474 90866

Location: Kolkata

Qualification: BTech

C programming language Java HTML CSS javascript Embedded System | Resume for   more..

Dasari Hemalatha

Mobile: +91 8301010866

Location: Andhra Pradesh

Qualification: Bachelor of Technology

C language Java Python basic HTML basic  more..

Sahana P

Mobile: +91 89210 61945

Location: Karnataka

Qualification: B.E

C++ Java HTML CSS C# SQL DBMS  more..

Vishal Kumar

Mobile: +91 9895490866

Location: Jharkhand

Qualification: BTech in CSE

A software developer with experience in various programming languages and technologies such as Flutter NodeJS  more..


Mobile: +91 91884 77559

Location: Andhra Pradesh

Qualification: Mca

Sql Core java Selenium Manual testing  more..