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Google Certification Training

Attend a free trial class to understand the syllabus along with the skills and experience of our experts. We have 200+ experts ready to give individual (one to one) training at your convenience.

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Cyberoid (is the online live training division of Nestsoft Technology) is the best organization for AdWords in Thiruvananthapuram for providing the google adwords certification online live training course for all those who want to get started with digital advertising . This program focuses on covering all aspects of Google AdWords campaign management. It is an innovative program that starts with basic campaigns and gradually evolves into the best technologies and strategies used by AdWords professionals to manage ad campaigns.

The course is designed for Google AdWords trainers who already have the basic knowledge on setting up and running AdWords accounts. The course explores the sophisticated techniques and concepts I have adopted and developed over 10 years of running AdWords campaigns for small to large scale clients. The Search Engine Marketing Master class will teach you about the techniques of pay-per-click advertising (PPC), how to use it effectively to increase quality traffic to your website, and the accompanying vocabulary and technical skills.


  • To increase leads and conversions
  • To increase website traffic
  • To increase measurable ROI (return on investment)
  • To gain brand awareness
  • Faster result than SEO
  • Overtake your competitor ads
  • Influence the audience to buy


Section 1 : Google Adwords PPC Training

  • Introduction to Google AdWords
  • Google AdWords sets up campaigns - it gets high ranking at low cost
  • Content Structure
  • Understanding the quality score
  • Finding and choosing the right keywords
  • Campaign Setting Procedure
  • Ads and ad groups
  • Organizing ad groups
  • Creating effective ads
  • Optimizes landing pages
  • Bid Management
  • Negative keywords
  • Analytics - Measure and make better

Session 2 : Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

  • Understand the client’s business model and the goals of the service.
  • Analyze online platform help client.
  • Calculate the ROI
  • Keyword research.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Design the website structure and pages.
  • Conversion Optimization.
  • Checkout page optimization.
  • Page on page (title, description, title work).
  • Website Content Optimization.
  • The site on the page.
  • Other services Sitemap. Xml Sitemap. Html.

Section 3 : Website Performance Measurement

  • Google Analytic.
  • Destination Configuration.
  • The audience
  • Possession
  • Behavior
  • Conversions.
  • Data interpretation.
  • Activity items from data for better ROI.

Section 4 : Paid Marketing

  • Find opportunities in the market place.
  • Google AdWords
  • How to grant AdWords access.
  • Link AdWords with Analytics.
  • Import AdWords Objectives with Analytics.
  • Keyword research.
  • Keyword grouping.
  • Negative keywords.
  • Search the creation of ads.
  • Select platforms for display advertising.
  • Creation of image ads.
  • Ad Extension.
  • Video Creation Important Things.
  • Measurement of activities.
  • Campaign setting.
  • Days, time and frequency.
  • Equipment.
  • Campaign Remarketing.
  • Get the audience.
  • Filter the audience.
  • Measure performance.
  • Adwords campaign performance analysis.

Training Fees / Duration (Rs. 2,500/- Onwards)

  • Internship for BTech, MTech, MCA, BCA, Bsc, B.Com, M.Com, MBA Students
  • Duration: 1 Week to 6 Months
  • Internship Training on real projects
  • Training / Internship by Experienced Professionals
  • Online / Live / Direct Classes

Eligibility For Google Certification Training

  • Plus two/Degree/Diploma/Professional
  • Passion on programming languages
  • Basic programming knowledge such as html, bootstrap

Attend a free trial class to understand the syllabus along with the skills and experience of our experts. We have 200+ experts ready to give individual (one to one) training at your convenience.

Attend a Free Trial Class

List of Experts / Trainers Available in Thiruvananthapuram

Anfiq ps

Mobile: +91 98474 90866

Location: Thrissur

Qualification: BA

SEO SMM SEM Google ads Facebook ads WordPress Canva Email Marketing Content marketing Affiliate marketing  more..

Uma Soman

Mobile: +91 91884 77559

Location: Ernakulam

Qualification: MCA

Completed Software Testing training from Tech Masters Trivandrum   more..

Parth Patel

Mobile: +91 91884 77559

Location: Gujarat

Qualification: Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Skills - AutoCAD Google SketchUp 3Ds max Vray Enscape Experience - 1 Year of experience  more..

Abhijit Dhote

Mobile: +91 85477 93334

Location: Maharashtra

Qualification: BCA

6 month of AWS and DevOps training is completed   more..

Manu M

Mobile: +91 73060 64840

Location: Kochi

Qualification: MBA, BCom

Facebook ad campaigns Instagram Google Ads SEO content creation on YouTube and Facebook Canva   more..

Zaima zen zh

Mobile: +91 85477 93334

Location: Kerala

Qualification: Graduated with teachers training

I have 4 years of experience in teaching field I have worked in cbse curriculum  more..

Burhan Rampurwala

Mobile: +91 73060 64840

Location: Gujarat

Qualification: Bachelor of Commerce

Create pixel perfect UI for mobile applications Knowledge of GIT Firebase Google APIs Rest APIs  more..

Jabeen Fatma

Mobile: +91 89210 61945

Location: Uttar Pradesh

Qualification: B.Com + + B.Ed

I have an experience of over 6 years both in online and offline teaching I  more..

Talla sravani

Mobile: +91 73060 64840

Location: Hyderabad

Qualification: Mba

Proficient in conducting keywordresearch competitor analysis optimizing website seo analysis and audits using tools like  more..

Hari Prasanth D

Mobile: +91 85477 93334

Location: Tamil Nadu

Qualification: B.E Computer Science Engineering

I have Completed Certification Course in Software Testing (Manual and Automation) I have learned about  more..

Simi Sathyan

Mobile: +91 98474 90866

Location: Haryana

Qualification: M.Arch

Great communication skills Professional experience in mentoring and training teams Guest studios and lectures in  more..

Sitwat Qidwai

Mobile: +91 73060 64840

Location: Uttar Pradesh

Qualification: M.COM

I was working as a VCS Associate with Amazon India Pvt Ltd I have completed  more..

Divya Singla

Mobile: +91 9446600368

Location: Punjab

Qualification: Masters and B.Ed.

I am having above 8 years of experience as an IELTS trainer and 1 year  more..

Selladurai C

Mobile: +91 9446600368

Location: Tamil Nadu


Tally accounting taxation or GST compliance I was given training to coimbatore college  more..

Pooja Thombre

Mobile: +91 85477 93334

Location: Maharashtra

Qualification: BE

My name is Pooja Thombre and I am writing to you seeking your assistance to  more..