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Asp dot Net / MVC Training

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Become a professional .Net developer by adding .Net online live training with Cyberoid. The world is becoming more and more digitized and the demand for net developers is rapidly expanding. In today's scenario, the Net is considered one of the most lucrative and on-demand career choices. .Net online live training is strictly industry-oriented and enables you to gain expertise in the popular and fast-growing IT industry.

The .Net is a Microsoft operating system platform for building web-based applications. Due to its simplicity and dynamic developing environment, Asp .Net is one of the best web programming technologies available. This online live training process is also focused on improving business communication skills and providing online live training to ensure that trainers are ready for the industry. Enhance your skills on Asp.Net with our high-end advanced online live training program at Cyberoid. Our trainers will provide you with experience in real-time projects that will help you become the most in-demand professions in the industry.


  • Interactive instructor-led classes
  • Immersive learning sessions
  • Master ASP.NET and build data-driven server-side web applications
  • Create a GUI for web-based applications with rich controls
  • Windows authentication also ensures the security of applications for each application configuration.
  • ASP.NET is language-independent.


Section 1 : HTML5

  • Introduction and History
  • Basic tags and attributes

Section 2 : JavaScript

  • Introduction to Javascript
  • JS Variables
  • JSFunctions

Section 3 : CSS3

  • Selectors
  • The box model
  • Backgrounds and Borders
  • Picture
  • Text effects
  • 2D / Transitions
  • Animations
  • Multiple layouts
  • User Interface

Section 4 : Introduction to Bootstrap

  • Bootstrap grid system
  • Bootstrap Grid System - Advanced.

Section 5 : SQL

  • Introduction to DBMS
  • Difference Between DBMS and RDBMS
  • SQL controls
  • DML and DDL functions
  • Groupby, heaving
  • Stored procedure
  • Triggers

Section 6 : Web programming ideas

  • Introduction to Web Programming
  • Client / server technology

Section 7 : .Netplatform

  • Explore.netframework4.5
  • Understanderroll of CTS and CLS
  • Learnbase class libraries

Section 8 : Asp.netframework4.5

  • The Net Framework
  • Common language
  • Frameclass Library
  • Waste collection
  • MSIL
  • The type of websites
  • Intrinsicobjectsin

Section 9 : Classes and objects

  • Class and objects
  • Methods and Properties
  • Manufacturers
  • Property Procedures
  • Numbers
  • References. Evaluation
  • Structures
  • Namespaces
  • DynamicDynamicLanguageRangetime
  • Abstract class and interfaces
  • Exceptions handling.net4.5

Section 10 : Arrays and Collections

  • Array
  • Changes the ranges
  • ArrayLists and Hashtables
  • Public collections

Section 11 : Web Forms

  • Web ControlClass
  • Creating a webform application
  • Handling images
  • Navigating
  • Managing Server Controls

Section 12 : Uploading files

  • Using the file upload control
  • Restrictions

Section 13 : ADO.NET

  • Connection object
  • Command object
  • Datacredders
  • Datasets and DataDaptors
  • Using SQL Datasource
  • Forms With DataBase Connectivity

Section 14 : State Management

  • Saving Web Applications
  • Using PreserveState
  • Asp.netsessiontate
  • ApplicationState
  • Masterpages and themes
  • SimpleMasterPageNestedMasterPage
  • Configuring MasterPage Creating Themes
  • Applicable
  • Applying external style
  • Working With Template

Section 15 : Database connection with different architecture

  • Two column architecture
  • Three-dimensional architecture
  • Working With the Procedure
  • FileI / Oandstreams
  • Working Withdirectories and Files
  • Readandwritefile

Section 16 : Xml

  • The basics of XML
  • CreateXML document
  • XMLreaderandXML Writer
  • XML Data Binding
  • XML Data Source Control

Section 17 : Linq

  • Linq Introduction
  • LINQ to SQL
  • Linq to Dataset
  • LINQ to XML

Section 18 : User Controls

  • Creating UserControls
  • Interacting seed sircontrols
  • LoadingUserControlsDynamically

Section 19 : ASP.NET Web Services

  • Introduction to XML Web Services
  • Creating a web service
  • SettingtheWebServiceattribute
  • Testandrunyourweb service
  • Consumer consumer service in client application

Section 20 : Ajax

  • Understanding Ajax Controls
  • How Ajax works
  • Ajax Server Controls
  • Downloading and Installing the Ajax Control Toolkit
  • Creating an ASPX Page with Ajax

Section 21 :jQuery

  • Introduction to jQuery
  • jQueryeffects
  • jQueryhtml
  • jQueryajax
  • Examples

Section 22 : IIS 7

  • Architecture of IIS7
  • IIS Manager
  • Publishing the web application

Section 23 :MVC

  • Introduction to MVC
  • MVC Application
  • MVC folders
  • Adding Controller
  • Adding sight
  • Adding a model

Training Fees / Duration (Rs. 2,500/- Onwards)

  • Internship for BTech, MTech, MCA, BCA, Bsc, B.Com, M.Com, MBA Students
  • Duration: 1 Week to 6 Months
  • Internship Training on real projects
  • Training / Internship by Experienced Professionals
  • Online / Live / Direct Classes

Eligibility For ASP.NET Training

  • Plus two/Degree/Diploma/Professional
  • Passion on programming languages
  • Basic programming knowledge such as C or C++.

Attend a free trial class to understand the syllabus along with the skills and experience of our experts. We have 200+ experts ready to give individual (one to one) training at your convenience.

Attend a Free Trial Class

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