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Industrial Visit / Tour in Trichur

Trichur was once the capital of the kingdom of Cochin. As an advert and cultural center, Thrissur is taken into account because the oldest town on the West Coast of Republic of India. Cotton weaving, rice, seed edge, soap creating, and almost about the rest. the town is well connected to alternative components of Kerala similarly because the interior by road and rail. The pageant district witnessed several rulers and dynasties, from the Samorins, yellow jacaranda swayer to the Dutch and therefore the British. The other rivers in the district are Chalakkudy (144 km) and Karuvannur (48 km). The district received 3500 mm annual rainfall. Ollur, Pudukkadu, Karuvannur and Wadakkanchery. Km. The history of Thrissur plays an important role in defining the history of the region of South India. The Thrissur region witnessed the rise and fall of the various dynasties that ruled in the southern part of India. It came under the rule of Raja Rama Varma who came to the throne in 1790 and consolidated power in Thrissur. He was known as the Shakti Thampuran, the architect of the township.