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Getting CCNA certification is the first step in preparing for a career in IT industry. To get the CCNA certification, you pass an exam that covers a wide range of basics for an IT career based on the latest networking technologies, software development skills, and job roles.We designed the new CCNA program to prepare you for today's associate level jobs in IT technologies. CCNA now includes security, automation and programmability. The program has a certification that covers a wide range of basics for an IT career, helping you prepare for an exam and a online live training course.


  • We provide practical online live training in CCNA (routing and switching).
  • Training in practice sessions
  • Our online live training is designed to help students grow their careers.
  • We provide advanced technologies and practical knowledge in managing projects.


Section 1 : Performance of IP data networks

  • Identify the purpose and functions of various network devices such as routers, switches, bridges, and hubs.
  • Performance of IP data networks.
  • Performance of IP data networks
  • Identify general applications and their impact on the network
  • Performance of IP data networks
  • Purpose and basic functionality of protocols in OSI and TCP / IP models.
  • LAN cables, ports, and connectors to connect Cisco network devices

Section 2 : LAN Switching Technologies

  • Basic switching concepts and functionality of Cisco switches.
  • LAN Switching Technologies
  • Check network status and switching performance using basic utilities such as Ping, Telnet and SSH.
  • VLANs logically create separate networks and routing requirements between them.
  • Check and adjust the trunking on Cisco switches
  • Configure and test the PVSTP function

Section 3 : IP address (IPv4 / IPv6)

  • IPv6 address plan to meet addressing needs in a LAN / WAN environment.
  • IP address (IPv4 / IPv6) Summarize with VLSM Identify the appropriate IPv4 address plan
  • Technical requirements for running IPv6 in conjunction with IPv4 such as dual stackup address

Section 4 : IP Routing Technologies

  • Configure and verify using CLI to set the basic router configuration
  • Serial and Ethernet Functional status of a device interface
  • Check router configuration and network connectivity
  • Configure and check the routing configuration for a static or default route
  • Manage Cisco IOS Files
  • Separate methods of routing and routing protocols
  • Configure and check the OSPF (Single Area)
  • Configure EIGRP (Single AS) and check
  • Configure and confirm interval routing (router on a stick)
  • Configure SVI interfaces

Section 5 : IP Services

  • Describe the types, features, and applications of ACLs
  • Configure and test ACLs in a network environment
  • Identify NAT-based functionality
  • Configure NAT and check
  • Configure and validate NTP as a client
  • Identify High Availability (FHRP)
  • Configure and check syslog
  • Describe SNMP v2 and v3

Section 6 : Network Device Security

  • Configure and check the switch port security
  • Configure and verify ACLs to filter network traffic
  • Configure and Test an ACL to Limit Telnet and SSH Access to the Router

Section 7 : WAN Technologies

  • Configure and verify a basic WAN serial connection
  • Configure and verify a PPP connection between Cisco routers
  • Configure and check the frame relay on Cisco routers
  • Implement and resolve PPPoE

Training Fees / Duration (Rs. 2,500/- Onwards)

  • Internship for BTech, MTech, MCA, BCA, Bsc, B.Com, M.Com, MBA Students
  • Duration: 1 Week to 6 Months
  • Internship Training on real projects
  • Training / Internship by Experienced Professionals
  • Online / Live / Direct Classes

Eligibility For CCNA Training

  • Plus two/Degree/Diploma/Professional
  • Passion on Networking

Attend a free trial class to understand the syllabus along with the skills and experience of our experts. We have 200+ experts ready to give individual (one to one) training at your convenience.

Attend a Free Trial Class

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